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BUILD THE AGENDA: to see sustainability deeply integrated into all buildings, residential and commercial, existing and new, inside and out. Your support means that you understand the importance of the Agenda and want to assist make the Agenda real and sustainable. Keep scrolling down to find out more, activate your support and tell us how you are helping to Build The Agenda.

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Current number of individual supporters is 692.

About Build The Agenda

Build The Agenda is a not-for-profit setup by Australian Living, a company who knows the building industry from the inside and can see what is needed to activate sustainability to deeper levels within the industry. Over time our support base will grow, in turn, providing us with a collective voice that will be heard by those who are outside of the Agenda. Deep sustainability can be achieved by only using sustainable materials and products, designing to fully maximise natural light, ventilation and protection, waste-less construction, minimise water use and store, minimise energy use and store, produce own energy. Build The Agenda covers both residential and commercial buildings.

Why Build The Agenda is Important

As an industry, we have the ability to design and create sustainable buildings (including single dwellings) and fix up existing buildings as a matter of course and not wait to be asked by our clients. Sustainable building can be achieved at no extra cost to our clients. Build The Agenda is the platform for the many parts of our industry to collectively get on with it and change our industry from within.
Change from the Inside

Industry Praise

Latest showcases

  • Jan, 20

    Global GreenTag is helping to Build The Agenda

    Global GreenTag builds trust between product users and the brands… by doing this we and supports choice and facilitate increased use of products that are proven as being healthier and more ecologically benign (or even ‘Net  Positive’), via one of the most rigorous and robust certification systems on the planet. Global GreenTag Certification program via its […]

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    Jan, 19

    CRC for Low Carbon Living is helping to Build The Agenda

    The CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) is a national research and innovation hub that seeks to enable a globally competitive low carbon built environment sector and is supported by the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) programme. With a focus on collaborative innovation, we bring together property, planning, engineering and policy organisations with leading Australian researchers. […]

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  • Oct, 8

    ASBEC is helping to Build The Agenda

    The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) is the peak body of key organisations committed to a sustainable built environment in Australia.  Our membership consists of industry and professional associations, non-government organisations and government observers who are involved in the planning, design, delivery and operation of our built environment, and are concerned with the social […]

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    Sep, 23

    Living Future Institute Australia is helping to Build The Agenda

    The Living Future Institute Australia (LFIA) was established in 2012 by a passionate founding committee as a visionary hub for restorative programs and action within Australia. The Australian Institute provides training, support, and design initiatives across four innovative international programs. Australia is a branch of the International Living Future Institute which run these programs: Living […]

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  • Sep, 23

    Sustainable Buildings Research Centre is helping to Build The Agenda

    The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) is a multi-disciplinary facility that brings together a wide range of researchers to holistically address the challenges of making our buildings sustainable and effective places in which to live and work. Our mission is to assist in the rapid decarbonisation of our built environment. Thus, a major focus of […]

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    Sep, 22

    Beyond Zero Emissions is helping to Build The Agenda

    The Energy Freedom initiative is a group of innovative and progressive Australian organisations working together to deliver energy freedom to Australian homes. Energy Freedom helps households across Australia make their homes high-performing, comfortable, and zero emissions. With readily available technology, some know-how and some ambition, Australian homeowners can move to higher energy efficiency, generate electricity […]

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